• SALE! The Alpaca Sportsman Hat: Dark Brown in size small / medium

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    SALE! The Sportsman Alpaca Hat: Dark Brown in size small / medium

    The Sportsman Alpaca Hat is a favorite with outdoor sports enthusiasts.  It can be crushed or folded, tucked away and then popped back into shape when you need it. The Alpaca Sportsman Hat has a patented Fast-tab sweat band that easily adjusts for the best fit. This hat features a cotton a 2 3/4" finished brim, leather hatband and an adjustable chin strap. It is water resistant. 

    The Sportsman Alpaca hat is made with a blend of alpaca fiber that is purchased from US farms and merino wool. It is processed and felted in the United States for Kentucky Royalty. That alpaca is washed then has any vegetative matter removed in Springfield Kentucky. From there it goes to Adamstown, Pennsylvania to be made into hats. The labor-intensive method of shaping, sanding, sewing, and applying trim on this hat is a tradition that goes back to the 1800's.

    Available color: Dark Brown

    Size: Small/Medium (fits heads 20.5" - 22")