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US Natural Fibers was established to empower small producers and entrepreneurs involved in the natural fiber industry by providing cost-effective essential processing and product development services.

With roots as small ranchers and experienced natural fiber producers, we at US Natural Fibers have a wealth of knowledge, understanding of the market and insight into how best to process, refine and utilize natural fibers. As natural fiber producers and entrepreneurs ourselves, we recognize what it takes to develop and produce a quality natural product that can achieve a return on your investment of time, money and energy. Our experience, technical know-how and market insight are here to benefit you and help bring quality product to market.

We are in the business of transforming raw natural fibers into fine finished product. Although specializing in alpaca and mohair fibers, US Natural Fibers also works with llama, bison, yak, and cashmere fibers. For fashion, comfort and utility, natural fibers provide durable petro-chemical free alternatives for human use; in turn we add value to raw natural product that might otherwise go unprocessed and undervalued. By combining hard work, technological advancement, industry know-how, experience and fashion sense, we provide a market outlet for your raw product. In so doing we will contribute to reviving and elevating a cottage industry to a viable economic level.


Whether scouring, separating, spinning the natural fibers you provide us, you can be confident we will handle your product with the utmost care and respect. Without your trust, we don’t get your product and without your product, we have no market presence. Our services exist to add value to your product and we depend on your business just as you depend on us to care for and enhance the value of your product. We appreciate your business and welcome your questions, suggestions and feedback.

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